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. the news today in washington, there is more fallout over the security and intelligence fail yours. press secretary robert gibbs announceded the report what went wrong will be released tomorrow. president obama is to make a statement as well. just yesterday the president met with top security advisers and we're told he was not pleased. advisors were told the responsibilities and intelligence breakdowns, critics slammed the administration claims it's not been tough enough on terrorist and republicans calling for heads to roll. for now no one's being fired. brian wilson on airline security. first major garret breaking down the white house briefing on the north lawn. >> for the second day in a row the white house press secretary robert gibbs left that door open but also says the failure involved many agencies and people. a bit more structured in those held responsible more scattered. one single person offering a resignation wouldn't necessarily solve systemic problems. we're unlikely to see firings or resignations anytime soon. robert gibbs said do not anticipate one with the flight on the 2
to talk about voter frustrations and the president will say there's something wrong with washington which sounds fine but for many, specifically democrats, they'll say you have to include yourself in that and you're mostly blaming us, democrats in congress. house democrats believe they've made a lot of important votes on bank regulation, jobs bill, healthcare and energy and it's died in the senate. the friction between democrats is something the president has to reconcile in the speech or going forward if the agenda has chance to survive. the president will talk to republicans and say yes, you won a seat in ma massachusetts and have 41 seats. you have responsibility and accountability to help, not just to say we don't have 60 votes to stop you so we have no responsibility. the president will say you have a greater responsibility to help me solve some problems. >> for most of the month we wondered went the speech would occur because the white house thought healthcare would be done. now healthcare will play second fiddle. >> or way, way in the back of the orchestra. right now the only focus
of republican i would be, i said a scott brown republican. maybe there's a new breed of republican in washington. >> senator elect brown's win puts departments in a sticky situation, losing their 60-seat super majority making it difficult, if not impossible, frankly, to pass their version of the healthcare reform bill. today president obama told abc news the senate should not try to jam, as he put it, a healthcare bill through until senator elect brown is seated. after that, the new york democratic congressman anthony weiner addressed the situation. >> right now we have to take a step back and we as democrats say we get the message. we can't keep moving on as if nothing happened in massachusetts. it might not have been only healthcare but we have a problem. >> the senate has yet to seat scott brown been the democrats scrambling to get their eggs in a row. karl we have word they're not going to do anything on healthcare until he's seated. are you surprised? >> not particularly. the absence of the 60 vote filibuster proof majority makes it tough. the idea they use parliamentary procedures to pass
gop attacks in washington over comments about then candidate barack obama but has trouble in his home state. a new poll conducted shows 33% of likely voters in nevada had a favorable view. 52% unfavorable. 15% said they either had a neutral view or no opinion. we are man months away from the election but if it were held today senator reid would lose against all three challengers. in politics that's many lifetimes. shannon bream is following the statistics. the numbers are from before the controversial comments. why such a disconnect? >> they're bad, shep but not directly connected to the comments. folks in nevada say his power in washington is a double end southward sword. he's been able to connect on key issues but is viewed as the establishment guy, the face of washington, tightly linked to the president and nancy pelosi and as they're approval plummets, he goes with them. he's within the face of healthcare reform for better or worse and they say it's for the worse. >> senator reid has been down in the polls before. what are the experts say are his chances to turn this around? >> we
in massachusetts and we have 90% ensured. the bill in washington was not good for massachusetts. >> in a bipartisan talk you heard from senator broke was popular in the capital today. the other senator from massachusetts, john kerry, is looking forward to reaching across the aisle. harry reid said the same thing. it's been described as a pleasant day one. we have james rosen on how both parties of dealing. >> senator elect brown met with members of both parties and it appears he's continuing the i'm an independent theme. >> he points out a lot that having been a massachusetts state senator, he worked with a pretty overwhelming democratic majority, 85% is democrat. he was one of five state senate republicans to an elite group and he thinks that's evidence of his ability to reach across party lines. the populism streak, we'll see how long that lasts. he met with mcdonald and harry reid and his new nickname is number 41. >> shepard: he used to call himself 41. i wonder what they're putting out for moods. >> they have major attitudes. the first nickname was downtown scouty brown for his high school bas
news and high level meetings in washington. what is being considered? >> shepard, the high level meetings deal with not just where the trial of khalid sheik mohammed and his cohorts could be tried but whether it would northbound civilian federal courthouse. we're told the military commissions not ruled out, those are considered. or suspects -- other suspects from 9/11 and other cases have been tried in military commissions. this is the original location. likely says the commissioner it will not be held here. one reason, public outcry. next door is an apartment building in lower manhattan. where could they go? here's some possibilities. otisville, a correctional facility in upstate new york, west point military and also the possibility of governor's island, a small island off the tip of manhattan but the city officials have said that could be not possible because a public high school is supposed to open there soon and there's no jail or court or facility to try these suspects. >> shepard: what -- why are they so concerned? >> they're concerned not just because of the distance betw
the government should begin to do. >> but this is washington so we will argue about it. not everybody's onboard. critics are out in force. major garrett is live at the white house, this broke during fox report last night. somebody else broke the embargo. >> we won't get into that. >> the left is mad, the right is mad. who is not mad at the white house? >> look, the white house is probably willing and i know for a fact it's willing to have a fight with the leral left to suggest independent voters to strayed away he's serious about dealing with the deficit. congressional democrats oppose it saying they don't want to are do you say federal spending but they're afraid it would cause a double dip recession. we're only talking 10 to $15 billion in the first year out of $15 trillion. that doesn't cause a double dip recession. democrats are afraid of the uncertainty of having their programs on the chopping block in an election year. the white house assures them it's only do you police duplicae programs. congress has heard that before. >> help us the numbers here. if congress says buy this, how much wou
:00 for the airport. i made it to the airport and glad to be back in washington with my family and like -- at one instance, it -- i tried to call from my cell phone all over the place but it was -- i was not able to reach any of the people and like people who were trying to call me, they weren't able to reach. like there were all young and children over there and it was really a horrifying moment there. >> shepard: umar, who experienced the horrifying moment of a lifetime, the last flight out of port-au-prince moments after the earthquake struck. thanks very much. we'll get reaction from our white house and state department on this humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions. we're getting more information out of twitter. one example shows how sudden and devastating the quake was. it was about ten miles from the haitian capital and but five miles below the surface. meaning the earth acts like a cushion to absorb the energy of an earthquake only five miles deep in the capital city of haiti, it's now in ruins. the humanitarian crisis that awaits us, the potential for disease, for mass ex exodus
. with us the washington executive editor for the "wall street journal." how do you come up with a number here, gerald? >> i'm in the firmly in the you can't know because nobody knows camp on that one. there's no way to know because essentially everybody's trying to prove a negative, which is to say how bad would things have been if not for the storm systems program n ten years they'll come up with the answer. the point going forward and for this week in particular, shep, is that the word jobs is going to be coming up a lot in the state of the union address wednesday. i suspect you'll hear it over and over because everybody's figured out whatever has gone before, what matters going ahead is job creation. that's where the president's going to convince the nation and congress he's focused. >> you wonder, i wonder if his political detractors who are of the belief all -- most jobs should come from the private sector, enough is enough on government jobs, you wonder if they'll be brought under the tent and how he might accomplish that. >> it's an interesting question and what you're seeing now
but the central headquarters here in washington is publicly taking a hands-off approach. any money is flowing quietly. the best thing they can do is have no active role in the campaign. >> shepard: why do you say that? >> diddespite the it's a local issue here. >> so the issues which have galvanized republicans nationally, pushed back from the president, the tea party organizing crowd, you're saying that's not a big influence. that is an anti than a fore? >> it's a antidemocratic. let's balance the ticket feel. there's a tea party movement in massachusetts. >> no question. >> right, but the -- but the fact is really this is about swing voters saying, you know what? obama, this is going too far and i'm willing to push back and provide balance. >> shepard: i have to go but carl cameron reported if they want to push this through, they can take the senate version to the house and they have their amendment. they've their law. >> if a republican is electricity today massachusetts all eyes will be on nancy pelosi. if she's willing to fight it could get messy. >> jordan thank you. >> the taliban laun
of the american economy. >> there you go. james rosen live in washington. good to see you. thank you. the search for a missing infant has taken another bizarre turn. the baby's mother is now accused of kidnapping her own 8-month-old child if you can believe that. taking him across-country trek, possibly giving him away to strangers. it's an are you kidding me? and it's coming up. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. >> a lot of weird stuff happens on air. sometimes it's dangerous and sometimes just weird. we've got a weird one. and this has just come in. "dateline" colorado springs. apparently there's this air tran flight that's headed from atlanta to san francisco. air tran 39. as the story now goes some drunk guys on there -- there's the route. that's quite a map. good grief. the flight was diverted on the way to california. like we have had it with this drunk guy. he's wasted and in the bathroom and won't come out. so they had to l
around the intelligence community late last year. >> katherine harris of the washington d.c. news room. good to see you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. afghanistan, today a really startling new claim the united states intelligence community is ignorant of the situation on the ground there and is woefully out of touch with the afghan people. this report was not put out by a critic of our handling of the war. this stark assessment issued by the u.s. major general michael flynn who is the top intelligence officer for nato. he claims the intel community is only marginally relevant to the overall mission. major general flynn goes on to say that we spent way too much effort hunting down insurgents and not enough time bonding with the folks inside of afghanistan. this report perhaps all the more relevant in the wake of the last week killing of seven c.i.a. employees, agents and employees in afghanistan. al-queda works afghanistan in the capital of kabul now. how is this going offer? >> learning a little more about the events that took place last wednesday from the c.i.a. base. we've now confi
angeles and anaheim, chicago and st. louis and improve amtrak's northeast corridor joining washington, new york and boston. it won't produce jobs fast enough for the president's critics or produce a lot of jobs this year. the president has picked up in tampa where he left off in his state of the union address last night promising to fight for working class americans and added a scolding to the media for picking up on his populous tone. he brought vice president biden so showcase the commitment to rail riding. i made 7900 trips from his home in delaware to washington when a senator. but after promises to folks on job creation, in tampa, mr. obama admitted the high-speed rail project isn't aimed at this year. >> it's important to repave our roads, repair our bridges so they're safe, but we want to start looking deep into the 21st century. and we want to say to ourselves, there's no reason why other countries can build high-speed rail lines and we can't. [ applause ] that's what's about to happen right here in tampa. >> it will be years before that happens, however. either here in tampa or in
us an idea of what these marchers want in washington? >> reporter: not quite to the supreme court yet this is the march route. they are marching from the mall up towards the supreme court. this happens every year since 1974, pro lifers protest the 1973 roe vs. wade decision. they've had their rally on the mall. now they go to the supreme court where there will be another rally. women who have had abortions will give their testimony silent no morally and then visit members of congress on capitol hill. >> shepard: pro choicers must be weighing in? >> reporter: they don't usually have a rally on january 22nd as the pro lifers do. they put out a statement saying planned parenthood said on this day celebrate and reflect the roe vs. wade decision. we have more from their statement from planned parenthood that says a woman's right to make decisions is under continuous assault by anti-choice individuals. >> shepard: good to see you. >> she is accuse of gunning down one of the few doctors who provided late term abortions. his defense that he did it to save the lives of unborn babies. today the
live at dulles airport outside of washington d.c. hello, brian. >> always politics. yes. his name is air role southers. he was chosen to be the next. he must however be confirmed by the senate and therein lies the problem because a hold has been placed on the nomination. by six gop senators. among those six, john mccain, charles grassley, tomko burn and senator jim demint. it all comes down to a problem with an episode that occurred 20 years ago. apparently southers accessed a database to check up on the boyfriend of his ex-wife. he did it a couple of times. he was in fact censured back then by the f.b.i. here's senator jim demint. >> the fact is after talking to some high-level law enforcement people myself is mr. southers could not be hired as a screener at an airport based on what he did 20 years ago. >> this is all balled up in politics right now. it doesn't look like the nomination is going to go forward smoothly although he does have wide-spread democratic support. as you know, shep, if you ever had an acting boss, you know they're generally place holders, not the kind of pe
capitalized on that swells the healthcare agenda in washington. it really is anybody's guess to the top in the coakley campaign and brown campaign. both sides have reason for confidence and bite their nails every second we wait. >> shepard: ed kennedy machine has been talked about for as long as i've been alive. is that machine oiled and ready to go or is it sputtering? >> first of all, the passing of ted kennedy for many closed the chapter on camelot and the era of the kennedys in massachusetts. there are a lot of democrats that think it's over. the argument being for decades the kennedys had a hammer lock on power in massachusetts and a lot of ambitious, talented people had to wait. now that the kennedys -- ted kennedy is gone, the machine is still there, the same folks that helped hillary clinton beat barack obama, they're working for coakley. if they reverse the tide, it would be a stunning comeback from ahead win for coakley and historic if the seat goes republican. this seat has been in the kennedy hands since the 1950s. >> hard to imagine the weather is nasty in new england this
-sided and democrats in washington and beyond are making it clear they're standing with senator reid. shannon breen is covering this. what else is senator reid saying today? >> these words of course were taken in the context of what he meant them to be as a compliment to then candidate obama, he went on to talk about he was one of the president's earliest supporters and told a story about that. >> i am very proud of the fact, i can still remember the meeting that took place in my office, with senator barack obama telling him that i think he'll be elected president. and i'm sure there were others but he was kind of surprised that democratic leader was suggest tag. >> he was supportive and meant to compliment him. >> shepard: supporters say he earned the right to make these kinds of mistakes. >> yes. he referred to his long history and record of supporting civil rights, something the president noted as well. in addition, congresswoman he will nor holmes norton says this about his record. >> it's not going to hurt harry reid. th not going to hurt harry reid for the same reason the president accepted h
. prosecutors have not filed any charges, at least not yet. the five students disappeared from the washington, d.c. area. a week later police detained them in a city south of the capital of islam bad. their parents raised a warning flag about them. jonathan hunt has more on this. what does the pakistan security say that these guys were trying to do? >> they believe they were planning on carrying out terrorist acts inside pakistan itself, shep. as evidence, they say that they found the five young men in possession of a map of a place that you see there, about 125 miles southwest of the capital islamabad. that is an interesting place if they have the map because it has a huge dam and reservoir and is close to nuclear power facilities. you can see easily why the pakistanis would be worried and concerned about why, indeed, they would have a map of that sort of area. they also say they have e-mails that sew that these five were trying to meet up with known taliban militants battling pakistani security forces. >> shepard: what is their defense, these five? >> they said they had no intention whatsoever
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